You Never Know What You Will See

On The River

A page dedicated to all of the unusual things a person might see on the river !


You Never Know What You Will See

On The River

Posted 10-16-17

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The Picture of the Day.... was posted in RiverBills Boater's Group by Tim Davidson !


Got it lit up again




Dog walking RiverBills style

Posted 09-18-17


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The Picture of the Day....  was sent to us by Capt'n Calvin Case who hails out of Harbor Point yacht Club



Hi Bill,

It's amazing what floats by sometimes. Dog walking Harbor Point YC style Sunday 9/17/18




Glass brings Fast

Posted 08-16-17




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The Pictures of the Day....were sent to us by Ramjet who lives aboard the "Ginny G" in Woodland Marina



Hi Bill,

Tuesday night on Toenail.

Thought I was not going to make it out but I'm glad I did.

A classy beautiful Jet Boat And a boat made out out of balsa wood!

As always a bonus Sunset.




Picture of the Day

Posted 08-31-16


Early Saturday Morning on Dardenne Slough



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The Pictures of the Day ........ were sent to us by Little John's Motorsports







Picture of the Day

Posted 08-04-16


Your Are Not Going To Believe This

No larger view available


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Pictures of The Day..... were sent to us by Capt'n Tim Crawford


July 12th Lori was searching thru the water at the small island by Portage Island which we call "Stop N Spot" when she yelled out, "I think I found a ring". It was so encrusted in a black hard substance that it was hardly recognizable as a ring. After much cleaning we saw it was a class ring from Hotchkiss school in Connecticut, and was engraved DRT 77. Lori contacted the school and they found a match. They put her in contact with David Townsend of Michigan. He was shocked to say the least. He told Lori he was at that small island water skiing, took his new class ring off and set it on his towel on the island for safe keeping. Upon returning to the island he grabbed the towel to dry off, forgot about the ring and it flew into the river. That was 37 years ago!
David told Lori that he and his friends were very upset about the loss. His mother had given him the ring for graduation. She passed away 3 days before Lori found the ring. The ring is now reunited with its owner and David is going to send a donation to Border Collie Rescue, Lori's favorite charity.

Capt Tim Crawford



RiverBill says... What a story !  Thanks for sharing it with us.


Video of the Day

Posted 07-26-16


Barges Break Free

at Winfield Lock and Dam

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The screen rotates right after the start.  We can't control that part of the video



Video of The Day..... 


Hey Bill,


Though you might like this video of some barges trying to take out our boat Sunday morning just below the Winfield lock and dam. Doesn't get much closer than this.

Have a great day
Adam Williams


Picture of the Day

Posted 10-27-15


Float Plane



RiverBills Picture of the Day.... was sent to us by Capt'n Mike Stanczak who hails out of Lake Center Marina in the pontoon boat....... 'Lil Mo Fo'


Hey Bill,


Here is a photo I took of a sea plane while I was out at the Thursday night party. I still hale out of Lake Center Marina but now have a 14' Pontoon 'Lil Mo Fo'.



Mike Stanczak


Picture of the Day

Posted 07-10-15


Never Know What You Will See on the River


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The Picture of the Day.... was sent to us by Sherri Stanczak


Hey Bill,


A couple years ago when Mike and I were on the beach we saw a guy with his pet tiger. Thought I'd share a photo with ya. Have a great day!



Picture of the Day

Posted 07-09-15


Floating on the

Dardenne Slough/Mississippi







Tim and Ricky

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The Pictures of the Day.... were sent to us by Christa Leone who hails out of Woodland Marina



Went for a "hot lap" on the river Sunday afternoon & came upon this floating tree above Lake Center. Boys being boys & it being Tim Satchwell's birthday...he & Rick Phillips decided to jump on & go for a ride, Huck Finn style. They made it down to Grafton before us girls squashed their fun. Just goes to show you never know what you will see on the river!




Picture of the Day

Posted 05-01-16

Low Flying

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Picture of the Day...  was sent to us by Mark Bellanca from O'Fallon, Mo.


Hi Bill.


I guess this is how you enjoy the river if your boat has wings. I saw this on Sunday in the cedar hill area.




Picture of the Day

Posted 04-14-15


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RiverBills Picture of the Day .... was sent to us by Little Johns Marine Service.


A picture from the past and something you just don't see everyday... 


A cruiser pulling seven water skiers.



04-24-15 update

Hi Bill,

You forgot to mention the boat's and captain's name, they are:


Zoe' and Byron "Greek" Smyrniotis


Byron Smyrniotis


RiverBill says... Thanks for the email Byron

Picture of the Day

Posted 03-11-15


Paddling From the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean



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Yesteryears Picture of the Day in 2015.....  Were sent to us by Dave McMahan

Bill and friends of pool 26,


We met these 6 young men who are paddling from the Gulf to the Arctic Ocean. They stopped at Sherwood Harbor, had some beers and good times.


Jarred, Adam, Luke, Winchell, Dan, and John.


Great young men that work helping troubled youths and took time off to go up the great Mississippi River. They are pulling out tomorrow morning.



Dave, Sue, Jim, Dorothy, and Tommy



RiveBill says....  The guys continued paddling north up the Mississippi River and various other rivers and lakes of the United State and Canada finally arriving on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in September 2015.   They paddled 5200 miles, 244 days.


Check it out.....     http://www.rediscoverna.com/



Posted 09-30-2010



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The Picture of the Day ...... was from Mike Kolisch of the boat.... COOL BREEZE



Tuesday afternoon my wife Joan and I were enjoying Enterprise Island when this yellow sea plane landed and pulled up to the beach. A very nice man got out and started cleaning off the pontoons and polishing up plane it was a pretty cool site.


Mike Kolisch



 Picture of the Day

Posted 08-20-08




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River Pictures of the Day.......... were sent in by Debbie House of Riverbend Marina.




The USS LST 325 (Second World War) came by our place tonight. Here are some pics.


Debbie House
RiverBend Marina

Picture of the Day

Posted 07-02-15


50 MPH in a Drainage Ditch



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The Pictures of the Day.... were sent to us by Capt'n Carl Tiemann who hails out of Camp Carl


Carl wrote:

10 feet away from the road and 50 miles per hour !

(In a Drainage Ditch)



 Shout out from Pool 25

Posted 09-09-15


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The Picture of the Day.... was sent to us by Capt'n Bryon Schuttenberg.



Hi Bill,


Shout out from pool 25, got some pretty funny looks this weekend when I was out riding my home made pirate raft made out of 5 gallon buckets!





Picture of the day

Posted 04-25-13


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The picture of the day in 2013....  was sent to us by Monica Jeanis with the caption.....


Lowell's Motor Boat


Picture of the Day

Posted 01-06-12


Route 66 Road Art on

Chain of Rocks Bridge

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Picture of the Day ... is a photo of some Route 66 Road Art on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.   Notice the top of the St. Louis water intake, from yesterday's pic of the day, in the distance.

Photo by RiverBill

Chillin in Negril




Posted 12-28-10


From 1983



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The Pictures of the Day ....  were sent to us by Capt'n Bill Mixon



Bill - over Christmas we were going through old photo albums.

Here are pictures of Little John (winter 1983) trying to break ice so we
could go for a boat ride on the Free Spirit.

Didn't quite make it. But the effort showed valor and determination.

You just gotta love river rats.

Happy Holidays to you and all your readers

Bill & Linda Mixon

Mixon Insurance


Picture of the Day


The M.V. Pickett Hastings


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The Picture of the Day ...  is a shot of a very unique looking motor vessel named the  Pickett Hastings traveling up-river in front of the bluffs on October 4th, 2009.


A search of the internet showed that the owner is Capt'n Ike Hastings who is 85 years old and this is his 49th or 50th boat.  It was named for a family member who served in the Civil War. The building of the boat took about three years.... some of the spec's are listed below.


Ike also built an amphibious air plane that is hoisted on to the front deck of the Pickett between flights and according to the American Sternwheel Association, this sternwheeler is the only aircraft carrier in its registry.


Ike fought in World War II and then was a teacher for 30 years.  Now he travels the rivers.


Owner ............ Ike Hastings of , Freeport, IL

Home Port...... Savannah, IL or Dubuque, IA depending on the captain's mood.

Hull Size......... 98 ft. long, 16 ft. wide, 14 inch draft

Hull Material.... Aluminum, 5/16 and 3/8 thick

Engine............ Electr. 5.9 turbo Cummins diesel


Click here for more information from AmericanSternwheel.org


Click here for a picture of the Pickett Hastings in Dick's Riverboat Gallery


Click here for a picture of the captain in La Crosse, WI.




Pictures of the Day

Posted 07-01-08


Water Skiing in a Drainage Ditch

The Stuff Urban Legends Are Made Of






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The River Picture and e-mail of Day ..... 


Some pictures of what happens when boaters can't go boating. Skiing in a flooded agricultural ditch can be a lot of fun it is also dangerous. I can't make any comments to these pictures in order to protect the guilty.


Thanks for the great site and keeping us all up to date on the flood.



Pictures of the Day

Posted 08-22-08


A Place You Never Want

 To See Your Boat



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River Picture of the Day in 2007 ...... was from Pat Riley, of Pat Riley Marine Services fame and also a St. Charles County Sheriff.  Pat sent us a picture of a a boat that was in the ditch on in St. Charles County.





Pictures of the Day

Posted 07-31-07



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Our River Pictures of the Day....... are from Joel.  He seen some strange looking boats on a trip to Minnesota and sent us some pictures..



  Hello, my name is Joel and these are pictures I took on my trip up to Iowa to look at a boat.  

   Happened to come across these and I thought you would like to see.

   After talking to them they said they were from Minnesota and all were headed down to New Orleans.  There was a total of 4 boats but only saw 3.

   Well here you go,  its a site to see and the last one is made out of a skate board half pipe.   I got a huge kick out of it along with the rest of my family that was with me.



RiverBill says...Thanks for the pictures Joel.

                       Lets watch for these boats as they pass through our area.    

Picture of the Day

Posted 07-09-07


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Picture of the Day----  was a of a ramper' at Eagles Landing that decided to take his car for a boat ride !!!!

Johnny Patrico @ Eagles Landing Marina 



Picture of the Day

Posted 03-13-06


Another River Bill

Our River Picture and Story of the Day .... was sent in by Captain Greg Sadowski, out of Woodland Marina.  It is a good story about another River Bill.  


Greg wrote in his e-mail: 



   I took this picture in September of 2004, That's Before I met River Bill !!  

   Taken by the gas dock at Mud Island Marina - Memphis, Tennessee.  Mark Krull, Dolph Kraus, and I were on our way to Miami on the "Miami Magic".   This boater was on his way to Key West from Minnesota, and this was not his first time making the trip. (Different Boats).  He told us that he went by the name "River Bill".  Bill had lost an outboard motor in the Alton pool, hitting a large submerged log.  Grafton is where he replaced it with the one you see in the picture. 

   He rescued this puppy on its way to the dog pound, to become a river dog. This was just a few days earlier in the town of Caruthersville, MO.  I asked, What's the dog's name. He didn't have one yet. I suggested "Skipper".  He liked it and said That'll be his name.

True Story,

Greg Sadowski

Anyone out there have more info on this other River Bill? I'd like to hear about it. 



Picture of the Day

Posted 02-20-06


Harbor buildings

being moved to Grafton Harbor


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The Pictures on this Day..... Were sent to us by Lynne Adams.


The pictures are of the floating harbor buildings being moved up the Illinois River from their construction site into Grafton Harbor.


The second picture is practically neat because there seems to be eagles flying in the background. 



 Picture of the day

Posted 07-07-05



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Picture of the Day in 2005.... were sent by Captain Ron Meier.

Ron took this picture as the Love Bug was motoring through Mason Chute.


Picture of the Day

Posted 07-06-05


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Picture of the Day


 A picture of Herbie.....the Love Bug,  rolling on the Mississippi River.  The pic was sent in by Kathleen Tackett and Eric Williams of Portage Des Sioux.  Kathleen wrote that this was the talk of the river last weekend among their group of "Riverizers".  Their river crew spends a lot of time at the sand bar beach across from Sherwood Harbor that they have named Willaimsburg !    


Picture of the Day

Posted 10-26-04

A Fly Under


Picture of the Day -------- is of a helicopter --- flying under Eads Bridge on 27 July 1983. 


   This picture was sent in by Capt'n Greg Moore


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