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 Saturday ...22 Sept 2007....         



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Our River Picture and e-mail of the Day .......  is from Devin Lause. 

Flying Carp Invasion



Staying with the Asian Carp theme.

 Here's one my brother (J.J.) stuck (to go along with the dozen or so that jumped in the boat) with bow and arrow and reel in front of Pere Marquette State Park back in July.

Devin Lause

 Friday ...21 Sept 2007....         



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Our River Pictures and e-mail of the Day ....Friday....  are from Debbie Nicholas 

More Flying Carp




  The fish were flying Saturday & Sunday. We unfortunately had
one land in our pontoon on Saturday evening. I threw a towel on it and one of our quick thinking passengers wrestled it and got it off the boat quickly.
  It was quite an excitement, with the screaming women and the guys laughing.



 Wednesday ...19 Sept 2007....         

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Our River Picture and e-mail of the Day ........  Is from Clarence... 


Flying Asian Carp..... Close Call !





   The Asian Carp are taking over the Mississippi River in Illinois!! Doug Nikirk from Golden Eagle, IL was almost hit in the head when this 15lb carp jumped into his boat last week! 

  His wife Jeanne was taking pictures of the jumping fish when this one jumped. 

  I thought maybe you would find this interesting............




RiverBill says.......Wow......What-a-picture !   Thanks Clarence.  

 We may have to start wearing football helmets out there if this keeps up....Hah

 Friday ...14 Sept 2007....         

The Dangerous Flying Carp ....... 


    An article in the September issue of Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine , written by our very own Sherri Stanczakfeatures pictures of some boaters from Pool 26 ! 



Page 46                                                  Page 47

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to open larger pdf file



Above article reprinted with permission

 from Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine


Congrats to Sherri Stanczak !  Great article....Keep them coming !  



Did you recognize any of the faces in Sherri's article ?  

First of all the photo's were taken by John Patrico of Eagles Landing Marina 


The boaters pictured in the magazine article are as follows:  

Dean the green shirt (page 46)

Larry the light blue t-shirt holding Asian Carp (page 46)

Bob Hampel ......holding the Asian Carp in the blue sweatshirt  (page 46-47)

Bob Bindner...... in the red "Fox Racing Shirt" of Eagles Landing Marina (page 47)


Great Job Sherri !


 Monday ...10 Sept 2007....         

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Our E-mail and River Picture of the Day .........  are from Capt'n Carl Seidler, who hails out of Grafton Harbor.  


Bill , 

  Marsha and I took our friend, Brent, for a tour up the Mississippi yesterday before they head back to Lake Michigan.  On Our way back to Alton we met up with some friends of ours in the cove and we really got into the flying fish on the way in and out. 

   Took a Couple Pic's on the way out. The Carver is Driven by Captain Randy Springman of Alton Marina, They were going Crazy behind his Boat.



RiverBill says...Wow....Look at those fish !    Thanks Carl

 Tuesday....17 July 2007

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service News Release

Silver and Largescale Silver Carp Importation and Transport Banned


The News Release, dated July 10, 2007, is as follows:

  " Importation and interstate transport of live silver and largescale silver carp will be banned under a final rule published in today's Federal Register by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A petition to the Service signed by 25 Members of Congress outlined the impacts of silver carp to humans and native aquatic species in waters of the United States. The final rule--advanced under the injurious wildlife provisions of the Lacey Act--addresses these concerns and will become effective on August 9, 2007.

"Slowing the spread of these carp is necessary to protect our native aquatic species," said H. Dale Hall, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "Although silver carp are established in parts of the Mississippi watershed, we will work to keep their impacts minimized and prevent additional populations from taking hold....................." 


Go to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website and read the entire news Release



Click here to go to the "Asian Carp Management" website

 Saturday ...2 June 2007....         

More Asian Carp .........

Take  A Few Minutes and Watch This One 

To See How Bad This Is Getting



Saw that you signed up The Rotten Apple. Congrats!

Somehow the subject of Asian carp came up yesterday. So, my sone went searching. We found a a number of videos on YouTube, but this one is troubling...

Watch the part where the researchers shock the water with electricity (apparently from a generator). It's alarming.

Maybe we ought to have a Asian Carp Asian Carp Saturday (or Friday or Monday...). Bring out a generator or two, give prize for the boat that brings in the largest number..

Perhaps Asian Carp is a delicacy somewhere ...and we can find processing plant that will turn the carp into "Tuna of the River"...

Here it is... 

Larry Demko
Fastrac Media

Thursday .... 31st of May 2007


Our River Picture and e-mail of the Day........ are from Terry Hartman.....


Another victim of the carp  



Just wanted to send you a pic of what landed in the boat on Sunday after it hit my son if the head. 

What a mess!!! 

Thanks for the great website………. 

Terry Hartman 


 Monday ...September 18, 2006....         



Our River Pictures and E-mail of the Day ....... are from Irvin S. of Granite City.  It's another Asian Carp encounter....A real nightmare right here on the Mississippi River.


Irvin wrote: 


Dr. Bill

It was amazing to find your Asian Carp Page  on your web site, after a horrifying experience we had a couple weeks ago on the Mississippi river. We were enjoying a wonderful day of boating on the river with our new pontoon and was returning late in the evening to Piasa Harbor where we started, when we were attacked by these flying fish. As we got close to Piasa Harbor on the Illinois side these fish jumped violently and landed in our new pontoon boat. For 20 to 30 minutes it kept 3 people busy throwing them back into the water. They kept hitting the sides of our pontoon and made several dents in the sides, not to mention the bloody mess they made when they landed in the boat. A couple days after, I even discovered a smaller fish stuck in the framework of the pontoons and had to remove some parts of the boat to dislodge it. 
What a mess. My wife was hit in the side of the head by one of these jumping fish, she was terrified and crying. Not sure I'll ever get her out on the river again. What a nightmare!!! 


Irvin S.

from Granite City, Ill. 

August 2006

Thursday .... July 13,   2006  .....

Our 2nd River Picture....And e-mail of the Day ------is of a flying Asian Carp that jumped into Robert Cope's boat, Slow Ride, on Thursday night.  


Robert wrote in his e-mail;


Hey Bill.  

  I "caught" my first Asian Carp last night.  it was a little over a 2 footer.  Jumped straight up from the bow, flew about 9' thru the air, and smacked me in the hip before it fell to the floor.  Blood everywhere, and so slimy I had to pick it up with a towel so I wouldn't loose my grip

Robert Cope


  RiverBill says........A person cannot put into words the level of excitement that is created when one of these fish jumps into your boat. Sometimes they are jumping out of the water all around you, sometimes not...It's sort of neat, sort of scary...And definitely a slimy and bloody experience.  Good Catch Robert.....Glad you weren't hurt.


Question of the day......Do you need a fishing license catch fish this way ?





Our River Picture Of The Day  ----- is of the Flying Carp Attack.  On the way back from Capt'n Jack's last night we had a beautiful sunset and a peaceful ride until we got near Slim Island.....Then..... Just about dark....... the flying carp started to jump as the "perrrrrr" of motor on the Redneck Woman spooked them. ...Hundreds of them !    They jumped all around us for the whole length of Slim Island and beyond. Some jumped just a bit above the water and some jumped 6 or more feet into the air.  About 8 or 9 of them jumped over the rail on the Portage Skiff and landed inside you can bet that caused some excitement.   Quite a few could be heard hitting hard on the steel hull (thud..) as they jumped aimlessly into the air.  One jumped so high it almost landed on top of the roof of the aft cabin of The Redneck Woman.  If you didn't know it...the fish usually hurt themselves when the hit the boat, they start bleeding and flop around spreading blood and guts everywhere. 

    To top it all off..... we pulled Bob's Jon Boat behind the Red Neck Woman as we motored home .....He landed 5 of the flying carp without even being in the boat !  

 Wednesday.... June 21,  2006  ..... 

Our River Picture and E-mail Of The Day...........  is from Captain John Richmond, who hails out of Two Branch you might guess, he has a fish story to share with us ! 


John wrote in his e-mail:


Hi Bill,


My buddies and I fish the river every Thursday after work.  We are all Boeing employees or retirees.  Last Thursday, June 15, we were pulling into a fishing spot near a wing dam below Kinder's when this fish jumped into our boat creating quite a ruckus. .  We fish out of a deep-vee Starcraft boat so it took some muscle for the fish to propel itself  that far out of the water.  Dave Clapper is the guy holding the fish.  Ray Shank and Emmett Conroy are the other two who were with us that night.


We boat out of Two Branch.


I visit your site every day.   Keep up the good work



John Richmond


 October 18, 2005  ..... 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ of Tim Holland with his  Catch Of The Day. There is a bit of a story to go along with the picture......

   As it goes...Gary Bowers, his wife Linda and their friends, Tim and Deborah Holland, were taking a boat ride on Sunday afternoon up the Illinois River.   Just below the Pere Marquette Lodge they decided to try and stir-up some of the flying carp that have invaded our area.  Seems as if Gary knows a spot around there where those carp like to hang out.     

   While motoring around on the west side of the river they stirred up some of the carp and they started jumping out of the water, mostly behind the boat.  It was sort of neat to watch but Tim is an adventurous type guy and  decided to do a little fishing...with a fish net... Yes ...A Fish Net !   

   He positioned himself near the back of the boat ....And wouldn't you know it, before long Tim landed one...Right out of the air......Or... It might have jumped into the fish net that he was holding !    

  Either way, this sure gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Fly Fishing." 


Bill Says ......Thanks Gary for the pictures and story....And....Tim - Keep On Fishin !



 September 27,  2004  ..... 

" The 9 September Catch "

" Bob Hampel holding the catch & Bob B. looking on "

B.O.B.  Holding the catch !

" The 16 September Trophey "

" It ended up inside the pontoon boat after it flopped around and knocked the gate open "
" Larry Mahrs holding the Flying Carp "
" What a mess ! "

Our River Picture the Day ---was sent in by John Patrico. 

  The 1st set of pictures are of  a Flying Asian Carp that jumped into Larry Mahrs' pontoon boat after one of  the Thursday night parties at Iowa Island on 9-09-04 while going through the "cut through".  Bob Hampel is shown holding the "September 9th Catch". 

  The 2nd set of pictures are of another  Asian Carp that jumped into the same boat one week later ! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES ??....... The second one jumped aboard on 9-16-04 while in front of Woodland Marina. John Patrico said that it landed on the front of the pontoon boat, flopped around until it hit and opened the gate to the inside of the boat. What a mess it made !  

Photo's by Johnny Patrico.

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