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Update to "You Might Be a River Boater"


Hey Bill,

Been a while since anyone added to the list, so I thought I’d send a few new ones:

  • If you walk “up” the ramp going “to” your boat…….

  • You can water ski simply by idling upriver……

  • You check on River Bill’s for the river stages several times a day even though you know it hasn’t dropped much……

Dave Bullington
Whoz Yer Daddy
Yacht Club of St. Louis



By Captain Dave Bullington of the boat "Whoz Yer Daddy"


You Might Be A River Boater If:


  • You think $3/gal for gas is a great deal

  • You have $15k worth of electronic navigation gear but you never leave the Alton pool

  • You think "size" matters

  • You spend thousands of $$ on an activity you get to do a most weekends during a 6 month period each year

  • Your beer cooler might bigger than your gas tank

  • You can back a boat trailer but can't parallel park

  • You know what "SPF" stands for

  • You could, in a pinch, use your gold chain for an anchor (oops, that would be a "lake boater, sorry...)

  • You have used something called "bilge soap"

  • You use the terms "port" & "starboard" while driving your car

  • The first thing you look at in the paper each day is the river stage

  • And last but not least, you might be a boater if you ever had a fight with your spouse, stormed out of the house and spent the night on the boat!!

By Captain Dave Bullington of the boat "Whoz Yer Daddy"


You Might Be A River Boater If :

  • Your boat cost more than your first house !

  • The stereo in your boat is better than the one in your home !

  • You only have one engine in your car, but need two in your boat !

  • You know what a river dike is !  (Oops..another lake boater jab)

  • You Log-On to RiverBill's ........1st thing each morning !





You Might Be A River Boater If :

  • Your wife says "you love this boat more than me". 

  • Your first wife said the same thing. 

  • Your second wife said the same thing. 

  • Your third wife said the same thing...........

Lloyd Bollinger

Sunkist III

Yacht Club of St. Louis




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