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River books recommended for reading by fellow River Boaters.

Mostly Mississippi:

     A very damp adventure.

Author:  Harold Speakman

Recommended by:  John Hornung

Summary:  A very damp adventure. It is a telling of a river exploration, top to bottom, during the '20s. It is somewhat surprising that some things never change


Blue Thunder:

     How the Mafia owned and finally murdered Cigarette boat king Donald Aronow

Author:  Thomas Burdick

Recommended by:  John Hornung

Summary:  The book chronicles the rise and fall of the man who founded Formula, Donzi, Magnum, and Cigarette; and the investigation into his murder. Miami Vice meets Martin Scorsese, is an apt description. (there is a mention of that cornfield scene in Casino........)

Look for it used, I found my copy on Amazon.com.

Come Hell or High Water:

    A Lively History of Steamboating on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

Author:  Michael Gillespie 

Recommended by:  Brad Griesenauer

Summary:   A factual read about steamboating in their hay day.

Life on the Mississippi   

 Author:  Mark Twain 

Recommended by:  Dave Barron

Summary:   I first read it as a child with my parents, and had to reread it again a couple times in my life.  Tells an interesting story of how things were before Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers, VHF radio, radar and sounders.

To read book on-line go to: http://www.online-literature.com/twain/life_mississippi/

On-Line "Mark Twain" Library   

  Author:  Mark Twain 

Recommended by:  Brian of the boat "Called In Sick"

To read books on-line go to: http://www.online-literature.com/twain/

River Horse   

  Author:  William Least-Heat Moon 

Recommended by:  Robert Cope of the boat "Slow Ride"

Summary:   Basically, it is a log of his trip from the Statue of Liberty to the Pacific Ocean, as much as possible by boat on the inland rivers and lakes.  All within a little over 100 days. It was a perfect read for the time when the cold of the winter is keeping my prop dry.  The majority of the travel was on the Missouri, and paints a great picture of the view of the country from the water

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