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1946 Cracker Box Boat Project

1946 Cracker Box

Water Trial

Posted 08-19-15







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The Pictures of the Day.... were taken Saturday morning on Dardenne Slough by Mary Tiemann and Little John's Marine Fabrication



Water Test of the

1946 Cracker Box Boat

I had a brief phone call from River Bill this evening.
He told me that there were many people following our project and to try and explain how it came out.
In a nut shell all I can say is OH BOY, but here is what pretty much happened.

We have been planning and working on this boat for almost a year.
Larry Slavic from Lake Center Marina owns the boat.
Larry, My Son Randy, Theresa, and myself have put in countless hours recreating the wheel.
Our plan was to put it in the water early Saturday morning without much of a crowd.
Larry has owned the boat for over thirty years and never had it in the water.
Saturday was the first time since 1952 that the boat has floated.
We had no idea what to expect. With that being said, Our move was to put Randy, A licensed race driver, in full race gear, and a chase rescue boat per say on the first trip out.
A good plan as it would sound , on a great morning and quiet water, I guess did not go that bad.
Our biggest problem was that my Dog Charlie decided to jump out of the chase boat somewhere between 30 and 50 MPH. NEVER ACUSE CHARLIE OF BEING INTELLIGENT but I bet he rethinks that one before doing it again. That is another story in itself, but back to the boat.

The boat handled pretty well but would simply shut off at 3500 RPM
We felt comfortable with handling and took turns driving, including me.
When we took it back to Lake Center and put it on the hoist, a group had assembled to have a look.
In a very brief conversation with Bud, and the crew from Lake Center. We were immediately told what the problem was. These guys work with EFI Mercs every day A clogged screen in the bottom of the fuel pump. It was agreed that they should fix it when they had time,, But had no idea it would be in 30 minutes. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE CREW AT LAKE CENTER You made a lot of people happy that day.

An easy 60 MPH and amazingly stable We all feel the boat is safe and as fast as it really needs to be at this time
I guess we have another boat on our team





Crackerbox Racing Boats


Picture of the Day


1946 Cracker Box

Posted 08-13-15





Lifting the boat by the engine to put it on the trailer


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The Pictures of the Day....



1946 Cracker Box boat

This 1946 wooden Cracker Box boat has been totally rebuilt by Little John's Marine Fabrication.  Little John said that he boat had a 392 Hemi / 260hp in 1952 and ran over 90mph.

Today, it has a new bright red paint job, with a black racing stripe and is powered by a 315 hp Mercruiser.  The new engine is half the weight of the old hemi motor with about 20 percent more horsepower.  Look out !


In water testing will begin soon

Owner: Larry Slavik



Crackerbox Racing Boats


RiverBills' Pic of the Day


Little John

and the old race boat

Posted 02-20-15




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RiverBills Pictures of the Day...  were sent to us by Capt'n Darryll Weil who hails out of the Yacht Club of St. Louis in the cruiser..... After you.


Even though Little John is doing a great job restoring the old wood race boat don't you think one of us ought to tell him he has to wait for the river to thaw before he takes it out? Or at least ask the owner if he can drive it? It sure is looking good! He has a bunch of pictures of the restoration and will get them to you soon.




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