Navy Vet, Chris Ring

Swims into St. Louis

September 20, 2015


Chris Ring (in the water) and Seth (in kayak) with escort swimming

the Mississippi River into St. Louis on Monday evening


Seth in the kayak and Chris Ring swimming


Chris Ring getting out of the river



Welcome to St. Louis



Chris meeting the families of fallen Vets


Chris meeting the families of fallen Vets



Gold Star Families with Chris


The kayak full of signatures of Gold Star Families.

Seth told us this is the 2nd kayak.  The first is full of signatures


Mary, Justin, RiverBill and Seth

Justin is the ground crew for the trip down the Mississippi River

Seth kayaks with Chris Ring


RiverBill, Chris Ring and Mary

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RiverBills Pictures of the Day.... were taken Monday Evening on the St. Louis Riverfront in front of the Arch.


We missed Chris swimming through Pool 26 of the Mississippi River this past weekend, so Mary and I headed down to the St. Louis Riverfront on Monday evening to witness Chris Ring's arrival in St. Louis.  Chris and his kayak boat arrived at the arch about 5pm, escorted by two St. Louis fireboats. 


There were about 30 people awaiting his arrival, including three Gold Star Families.  Lots of flags and all the news crews.  Chris spent time visiting with each Gold Star family, looked at pictures of their fallen loved ones and embraced them all. 


Mary and I got to meet Chris and his crew.  Seth travels the river with Chris and Justin is the ground crew, driving their vehicle location to location.  They were headed to the Missouri Athletic Club for the evening and told us they would be live on Fox2 News on Tuesday morning. After the news broadcast.... back into the Mississippi River and on to the Gulf of Mexico. They hope to complete the swim in November


It was an honor to meet you Chris....







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