Posted 07-16-16




A dock-eye view of the  "Recycled Mississippi" boat at Alton Marina yesterday afternoon.  Plastic bottles for floatation and a solar panel


Plastic bottles for floatation


A small part of the Sponsor Board on the outside portion of the vessels' deck


View of the stern of the Recycled Mississippi.  25 hp outboard and rudders.  The bamboo mast is laying on the deck


Headed out for a short cruise with Channel 2 News


Dan and Ramjet of CID Marine Service

were there servicing the crew's outboard motor


RiverBill with 5 of the crew of the Recycled Mississippi

 Dan, Gary, Sebastian, Zander and Livio (no order)


A short cruise on board the "Recycle Mississippi" made a donation to help support the Recycle Mississippi expedition down the Mississippi River and Capt'n Dan placed a RiverBills sticker on the Sponsor Board.  Yah Mon





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