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May 20

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May 20, 2013


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Picture of the Day


  FINALLY got out on the water 




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The Pictures of the Day ....... were sent to us by Jessica & Bobby McKay who hail out of the Yacht Club of St. Louis




We FINALLY got out on the water and it was a beautiful weekend on the river! On Saturday, we tied up with our friends just past the power lines and let the current take us all the way to Grafton. On Sunday, we took a cruise up-river. SUMMER IS HERE and we'll see you on the river every weekend from now until October!

Jessica & Bobby McKay-

Yacht Club of St. Louis

Boater's Boat of the Day



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The Boat of the Day Picture....

The Cruiser


Dave Wickenhauser & Joy Stevens
3988 Bayliner

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 Yesteryear's Pic of the Day





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YesterYear's River Picture of the Day in  2012 .......  were sent to us by Capt'n Rick Estes who hails out of Lake Center Marina in the boat...... Y2Katy




Hi, Bill!,
Here are some shots from Mom's Day. We took a nice trip up to Cedar Hill for some great food and fun. That's Mary and our daughter Katy, plus as an added boat bonus we had the company of Anne and her boys, Jonh, Ceasar and Andres, (Y2Katy in the background). Later we beached at Enterprise for a little R&R and a lot of sand (look at those beach bums). On the way back we were intercepted by the scourge of the Mississippi river, the infamous pirate ship Gypsy Rose II. Captain Tim must have been in a good mood, since he passed us without firing a shot.

See, ya on the river,

Rick Estes
Lake Center Marina




Memorial Day Weekend Music


Friday.. Randy Clemons @ 8pm          Sat.. Catfish Willie @ 8pm  


Sun. Stacy Collins @8pm


Monday... Lisa Jones & Larry Gerst in the afternoon


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Fri... Open at Noon

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636 209-5472

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32' Marinette Sedan Bridge - 1986         52 X 17 Covered Dock Harbor Point





  2004 466 Carver Motoryacht                     47' DeFever Trawler    



  50X17 Slip at Duck Club Yacht Club             




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Water Patrol Division of Missouri Highway Patrol



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Navigation Channel Condition Status Report - 15 May 2013


US Army Corps of Engineers

    St. Louis District - Weekly Navigation Channel Condition




Dredge Status
Dredge Potter  - At Memphis in drydock




The contractor will be constructing a total of five chevrons, 4 on the IL side and 1 on the MO side of the nav channel. Construction above Lock 25 will start on 4 April and estimated to becompleted by 30 June 2013. No channel closures are expected with this work. All navigation interests should be alert for, and abide by, any special instructions that may be issued by the District Engineer or the U.S. Coast Guard in conjunction with this construction project.

The next lift for the I-70 Mississippi River Bridge Project is scheduled for Thursday, March 16. From 7 AM until 4 PM, all vessels wishing to transit the work site must contact M/V KEITH JACOBSON on VHF 13 or 16 for passing arrangements. Transit with caution.


A sunken barge has been reported in the vicinity of Mile 171.0, Norte Dame Fleet Nr. 3. The barge is reportedly marked with a lighted white buoy. Mariners are urged to transit the bridge with caution




A nun buoy has been reported not properly marking the channel, mid-channel, in the vicinity of Mile 21.7. Transit with caution.



 Click here to go to the US Army Corps of Engineers website for additional information and  the latest information

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Mississippi River At West Alton, Missouri

    Paddle Festival Was Held Saturday........


On Saturday afternoon, the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary at West Alton, Missouri hosted the seventh annual Paddle Festival. The event is intended to get the public educated on enjoying the river in a safe manner. This year, the event also served as a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Mississippi River Trail. The trail is 120 miles long, and runs between St. Louis, and Saberton, Missouri........


Click here to read this news article from thetelegraph.com. With Photo.


RiverBills Water Temp is Fixed

RiverBills Water Temp was stuck on 40 degrees for a while. Thanks to RiverBills Tech Department, it's fixed !


The water temperature this morning measured

57 degrees !


RiverBill says thanks to Capt'n Gary Bowers for fixing the link

Illinois River Near Kampsville, Illinois

    Goldenrod Auctioned Off, Future Uncertain.......


The Goldenrod Showboat was purchased at auction on Saturday, but she could end up at the scrap year. The Goldenrod was purchased by Pool 24 Tug Service, where the Goldenrod has been moored for the past ten years. There is talk that the company will scrap the vessel to recover over $69,000 in mooring and other costs. A group is petitioning to save the Goldenrod, and hopes that Pool 24 will spare it........


Click here to read this news report from ksdk.com.


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LED boat lights

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Mississippi River At Hannibal, Missouri

     Sea Plane Proposal Not Forgotten........


About five years ago, Mike Barron, manager of the Hannibal Regional Airport suggested placing a plane on floats on the Hannibal riverfront. Barron's proposal would not only provide for tourism and sightseeing tours, but also provide an opportunity to offer float plane ratings for pilots. This has yet to happen, but Barron is still pushing the idea. He stated that he has talked the proposal with some sea plane pilots, and they believe that it would be a small but successful enterprise........


Click here to read this news story from hannibal.net.


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Who's Open.. Who's Closed




Who's Open... Who's Closed........

Big Kahuna.......................   Open

Boathouse Food & Deck....   Open

Cedar Hill Resort................ Opening Saturday, May 25th

Duck Club Yacht Club .......  Open

Evandy's Boatel.................  Open

Kinder's Restaurant............  Closed Due to Flooding

Longshot Saloon................  Opening May 23rd 

     Longshot's Larosa Caba Bar.............Opening Memorial Day


Palisades Yacht Club.........  Closed Due to Flooding

Sundowners.......................  Open




stcharlesboat.com... http://stcharlesboat.com/
completemarine.com ... http://completemarineservice.com


Mon - Fri - 9am - 5:30pm       Sat 9am - 4pm  Sun  Closed

Missouri River At Kansas City, Missouri

    Terrorism Battle Comes To Missouri River........


Recently, the Kansas City Police Department received a Homeland Security Grant, which will help them fight terrorism around the city's port. They will be using the $283,000 Port Authority Grant to purchase a camera system. These cameras will be used to keep tabs on flooding along the river and monitor large events near the river. The camera system will also allow responders to react quickly in the event of criminal activity or terrorism attack........


Click here to read this news article from kctc5.com. With Photo and Video.


Best View of the Bluffs on the River !

Open at 2 PM Thursday thru Sunday


SunSet Sundays

Thursday: $2 Wells & Burger Special      Friday: $1.00 Cans
$10.00 Domestic Buckets         Sunday/Funday: 2.00 Imports

  Just a couple of covered docks left at pyc for the upcoming boating season. Great boating family, bar & grill, pool and the best view on the Mississippi River! Call 314-706-2313

Covered Dry Storage Available 314-706-2313

636 - 899 - 1093


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    35 star United States Flag                             Confederate Navy Jack



River History....



May 19, 1863 in River History

A major turning point took place on this day during the Civil War. 


Grant's victory at Vicksburg, Mississippi returned control of the Mississippi River to the Union and geographically divided the Confederacy. ...




Website   http://www.americanboat.net



 Your Eye on the River


The Boathouse Food and Deck WebCam

Mississippi River on Dardenne Slough UMR 222.2

RiverBills Two Branch Area WebCam

Mississippi River UMR 231.5


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Polestar Boating Center

    River Weather Station


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US Coast Guard

    Coast Guard warns of dangers of drinking, boating
    Sunday .. 2nd day of National Safe Boating Week

Brussels Ferry..............618 - 786-3636

Golden Eagle Ferry ......618 - 396-2535

Winfield Ferry...............618 - 396-2535

Grafton Ferry............... Opening Spring of 2013 (May 20th)


River Ferries

    Call Before You Go


As National Safe Boating Week continues, the 9th Coast Guard District is reminding boaters Sunday that, just like on the road, they need to make a commitment to boat sober.

According to the Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety's Recreational Boating Statistics 2012, alcohol use was the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents last year. It was listed as the leading factor in 17% of deaths.

When the Coast Guard determines that an operator is impaired, the operator’s voyage may be terminated. The vessel may be brought to a mooring by the Coast Guard or turned over to a competent and un-intoxicated person aboard the vessel. Depending on the circumstances, the Coast Guard may arrest the operator, detain him until sober, or turn him over to state or local authorities.

The Coast Guard and every state have stringent penalties for boaters violating BUI laws. The federal statute can be found in Title 46, U.S. Code, Section 2302. Penalties can include large fines, suspension or revocation of boat operator privileges, and jail terms.

"When mariners boat under the influence, it puts all those around them at significant risk,” said Capt. Stephen Torpey, chief of response for the 9th District. “We want mariners to enjoy our nation's waterways but to do it safely and responsibly. The Coast Guard will continue to work closely with federal, state and local partners to ensure the safety of those on the water.”

Alcohol affects judgment, vision, balance and coordination. These impairments increase the likelihood of accidents afloat — for both passengers and boat operators. Coast Guard data shows that in boating deaths involving alcohol use, more than half the victims either capsized their boat or fell overboard.

Alcohol is even more hazardous on the water than on land. The marine environment — motion, vibration, engine noise, sun, wind and spray — accelerates a drinker's impairment. These stressors cause fatigue that makes a boat operator's coordination, judgment and reaction time decline even faster when using alcohol.

Click HERE to read more about the dangers of BUI.


Click here to go to US Coast Guard website

Click here..Lewis Boats Inc website

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River Levels & Water Temp

    on your Mobile Phone, Blackberry, IPhone, etc...


River Levels for Pool 26..............  http://www.riverbills.com/River.html

Alton to Hannibal........................ http://www.riverbills.com/River-Mis.html

Hardin to Peoria ......................... http://www.riverbills.com/River-Ill.html

Saverton, Louisiana, Clarksville...   http://www.riverbills.com/River-Lou.html



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River level information in the charts is updated every 15 minutes to US Army Corps of Engineers data


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Cedar Hill Resort
We would like to announce that our grand opening will be Saturday, May 25!

We can't wait to see you all there!!


Con Trios Yacht Club

The May board meeting will be May 23rd at 7:00 pm at Sundowners @ YCSL.
I hope to see everyone there. Commodore Bill Tullock

GraftonBig Kahuna
The Kahuna is now open 7 days a week @ 11am!

John's Boat Harbor
We went to a first comunion party, and then we drove back down to the river. All is peaceful and quiet. Water is off the roads
pretty good,. We drove our red jeep down. Fingers crossed for the weekend.

Palisades YachtClub

We're almost there too, less than a foot to go!


Port Charles Harbor

Yep, we are OPEN!     We are OPEN!


St Charles Boat & Motor The Complete Marine
Save hundreds of $$$ on Yamaha Waverunners, now through Memorial Day! Come by or call 636-947-0106, for the best deals in town!