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Not Your Normal Patrol ------ is an article that was published in the "Western Rivers" magazine about the fire that destroyed a 47' cruiser in Dardenne Slough on Sept 17.  It describes how the US Coast Guard Auxiliary assisted the Missouri Water Patrol in managing this unfortunate event.  Click here.


  The pictures shown above,  taken by Barbara Rhodes (fire) and Tony Trice (burned out hull),  were also included in the story.

  Author: Len Schulte,  of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Division 3, Flotilla 8 

Eagle-Watching Season Is Ushered In ------ The Eagle Watching Season was ushered in last Saturday with a ceremony that included an American Bald Eagle named Liberty in front of the Grafton, IL Village Hall.    Go to the On-Line Telegraph  for the complete story.   

Updated US Coast Guard Auxiliary links ------ I updated the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary links in the lower left hand column of this webpage.   Looks like there is some rearranging of the Flotillas and Divisions going on.


Our River Picture of the Day....is of one of the barefoot racers in the Mississippi Barefoot Endurance Race race held here back in October. We also have a close up of one of the barefoot skiers and one of him riding along the top of the water on his back after he let go of the rope..

  These photos were taken from a helicopter and are compliments of John Skobrak through Doug Winters of Dri-Port Marine.. 

River Bill says...........Thanks for the pictures guys......

Man Found Dead In The River ------ According to a story in Monday's on-line Post Dispatch a man died after riding a wave runner Saturday afternoon in the Mississippi River.   Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

New Years Day Water Ski Event ------ The  Alton Waterski Cub presents:  

Freeze for life '06 ~  Watersports in January to benefit the ST. Louis wheelchair athletic association.  Check the Upcoming Events in the left hand column for more info.

Big Dicks Halfway Inn Motorsports ------   A few days ago we reported that that Big Dicks Halfway Inn race team won the World Finals in the Gambler Division at the World Final Drag Boat Race in Phoenix, Az.    

  Little John, of Little John's Marine Service,  sent me an e-mail summarizing  the teams experiences this year and tells us a bit about their future plans.     Click here 

Congratulations Guys ! 

More Info On Grafton Harbor ------ Charles Wickenhauser, the Manager of Gafton harbor, sent us some additional info.  A Brochure and a Slip Rates sheet.


Our River Picture of the Day....is of the Two Branch Marina crew out in front of Capt'n Jack's Restaurant last Saturday.  This crew is still boating.   They took advantage of the great Fall weather we had over the weekend and cruised down river to the captain's for some food and drink .  ...........And.....Of course everyone wants a picture under the shark

   Pictures submitted by Captain Ronnie Stevens and Captain Rick Flier..

Body Found In Cuivre River------ According to an article in Friday's on-line Post Dispatch two hunters found a body of a man floating in the Cuivre River just south of Old Monroe, an apparent suicide. Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    


Our River Picture of the Day....is of Kim and Kevin Powers and their wedding party at Captain Jack's yesterday.... celebrating the big day.  Every wedding party has to get their picture taken under the shark, of course the  Bride and the Brides Maids have to get on the bar......And........Don't forget the the lovely Bride's garter.   Photos by Captain Ron Stevens.  


Mr. and Mrs. Powers !


Our River Picture of the Day....is a river sunset.  This shot was taken a few weeks ago as we were coming out of Bolter chute looking up-river towards Kinder's.

Upcoming Events ------- I have added information about some  "Eagle Events" , The 2006 Grafton Flea Market  and the "Lewis & Clark Arrival Day at Camp Dubois"  to the Upcoming Events Calendar in the left hand column.   Take Look !

River Dawgs ~ Updates ------ I added the River Dawg "Taz" from 10-11-05  to the river Dawg Page......More to come soon...............

Another River-Link ------ I added another River-Link in the left-hand column:

  • "Sierra Club".... under......... River Environment & Conservation

Luttrell Marine   Has new featured boat. ------   It's a 1977 41 ' Chris Craft Commander Motoryacht.  Click on their Ad in the right hand column .....And.....Check it out


Our River Picture of the Day....is of the drag boat that won the World Finals in the Gambler Division.  Yes.......Some of our fellow boaters brought home the honors in the world of drag boat racing !  Keith and Little John of Big Dicks Halfway Inn race team won the World Finals in the Gambler Division at the World Final Drag Boat Races in Pheonix, Az.  

Congratulations Guys ! 


More info to follow

Downtown Flood Walls And Levees ------ There was an article in Wednesday's on-line Post Dispatch about Federal funding and the current plans for repairs to the downtown St. Louis flood walls and levees.  Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

A Few More New River-Links ------ I added a few more River-Links in the left-hand column as follows:

  • "Piasa Bird".... under......... River Towns and Things

  • "Mississippi River Barefoot Racers."....under......Boating and Social Clubs

   I had a picture of a few of the Mississippi barefoot skiers on RiverBill's on 9 Oct. More pictures and info coming soon.

Illinois Legislator & The Asian Carp ------ According to a Nov. 5th  press release by the State of Illinois,  Gov. Blagojevich announced that $100,000 in funding has been provided to conduct a survey to find possible solutions for managing the invasive Asian carp in the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.   Click here to read the press release.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE   -------  This is last years picture, but I think it's good for one more time.  This tow is probably pushing a load of Thanksgiving goodies down river -- turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and after dinner drinks !


    Lets be thankful today for everything we have.......Our health, friends, family and our good fortunes.


Grafton Ferry Picture Contest Winner for November  -------  is Captain Robert "Slow Ride" Cope.  

    His picture is of the Grafton Ferry going through the chute between the islands that separate the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers at the confluence of the two rivers.  Robert captured the autumn colors on the tree nearest to us that seems to jump out in front of everything else in the picture, which really contrasts to the greenery on the island on the other side of the ferry.  In the background are the bluffs along the Great River Road ....And Oh Yeah...That blue water on a bright and sunny Fall day.  Looks like a good day to take a ride on the Ferry.

  Congrats Robert !  You have won 2 round trip tickets for the Grafton Ferry.


Go to the Grafton Ferry web page and click on Picture Contest to see all of this month's entries.....Thanks everyone for entering...And..... try again next month.

Alton Water Ski Club ------- A hot-link to the "Alton Water Ski Club" has been added under the "Boating & Social Clubs" heading in the left hand column.  Check them out !

Boat Shows ------- I know it's early....Real early !  .......... I added the "St. Louis Boat & Sport Show" ....As well as the ......."The St. Charles Boat Show" to the Upcoming Events Calendar in the left hand column. 




Our River Picture(s) of the Day ------ are of the excavating  at the new Grafton Harbor.    Charles Wickenhauser, the Manager of the Harbor, submitted the above pictures along with the following e-mail update on the progress at the harbor ;


Hello Bill,

   I thought I would submit an update on the Grafton Harbor.

  To expedite completion we have contracted Shoremaster to furnish us with turnkey completion of the docks. What this means is that the docks are being constructed at the same time as the excavation.

Since they obviously can't be constructing docks in the midst of excavation the docks are being constructed offsite and will be floated in complete and ready to hook up. We literally make three (water, sewer and electric) hookups and they are operational.

    Using this production method will allow us to begin accepting new slipholder and transient boats into the Marina as early as March 1st, 2006.



Charles Wickenhauser


graftonharbor@grafton-il.net   (e-mail)

www.graftonharbor.net   (website)

Phone 618-786-7678

Fax 618-786



  Contact Charles at the e-mail address noted above for more information on.... slip rates and a harbor brochure.  Click here for  slip layout .   

Grafton Ferry ~ Picture Contest ------- Will be announced tomorrow .....Needed one more day to get things ready ----Sorry for the delay.   


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of the new condo's they are building at the waters edge just outside of Grafton.

Wilding The River------ According to an article in Sunday's on-line Post Dispatch a non profit group called the American Land Conservancy has established the Mississippi River Conservation Partnership.  The group acquires land from farmers that want to quit farming in the flood planes of the Mississippi River and restores it as wetlands.   Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

Grafton Ferry Picture Contest------ We are going to announce the winner of this month's Grafton Ferry Picture Contest tomorrow !  Stayed tuned. 

Towboat Fire ------ 5 KSDK.com and the on-line Post Dispatch reported a towboat fire on the Mississippi River last Friday morning aboard the Wendy Ann when the boat was near Arsenal Street.   For more information go to 5ksdk.com. (with video) and STLtoday .


Lights on Clark Bridge Checked and Replaced------ There was a very short article in Saturday's on-line Alton Telegraph about Wegman Electric checking and replacing the non-functioning lights on the Clark Bridge..  Go to the On-Line Telegraph  for the complete story.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is a panorama shot of the bluffs taken by Captain Robert "Slow Ride" Cope taken on Oct. 20th.  Click here for a full size 30' long picture that you should be able to scroll across your computer screen.


River Bill says......Thanks for the neat picture Robert.....And.....Keep them coming.


Our River Picture(s) of the Day ------ and "A Bit of Sailboat Wisdom"  are from Captain Harry  Ragland, of the sailboat "Tapacolo".  Harry wrote in his e-mail:


When in trouble or in doubt, sail in circles, scream and shout

While beating on port tack “Suete Deern” had the bluffs on her lee.  Pinching up to avoid the shore she lost way, then tacking to starboard she missed stays.  To escape irons her crew back winded the jib, but then sheeted home before she gained way causing her to miss stays again.  Captain Heald then went to gybe-and-ware to starboard but the crew had too much slack in the sheets.  The jib blew out ahead and wrapped the forestay.  With the jib wrapped the ship could not be trimmed to beat, and the shore was too close to ware back to port.  In the end the crew manhandled the jib back around and finally got her in trim.

Translation for power boaters…Don’t get caught by your friend’s digital camera.


River Bill says......Thanks for the sail-boating story and the great pictures Harry!

                           Very well written.........Keep them coming........

The Sand Bar Restaurant------ The Sand Bar Restaurant at Lake Center Marina is closing for the winter after this weekend.  Make sure to stop by and visit one last time with Scott and Robbin this weekend and take part in the Meat Shoot on Saturday.


River Bill says......A big Mississippi River thanks goes out to Scott and Robbin from all of us for serving up the food, drinks and entertainment this past Summer.......See you next Spring.  


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is another entry for the Grafton Ferry~ Picture Contest.  This one was sent in by Dave Kelly of the cruiser Gypsy Rose out of Woodland Marina.  He snapped a picture of the ferry heading for the chute between islands that separate the Mississippi and Illinois rivers as it was heading towards Grafton.  

River Bill says...........Good picture Dave !

Capt'n Jack's is Expanding the Building------ Capt'n Jack and Dennise told me the other night that they are going to add a 60 ft room addition on the down-stream side of the existing restaurant building this winter...........And then....complement the new construction with a wrap-around deck and some volleyball courts.  It ought-a-be great !




Gramp's 1978 Berreta and the Terminator----- Llyod Dorn sent me the pictures shown above of his boat and his grandson......... along with the following e-mail:

These pictures were taken earlier this summer on the Dardenne Slough near the Golden Eagle Ferry and Island 521. This is one of my grandson's I call him my body guard, 20 yrs old and still growing. I refer to him as the Terminator.   The1978, 16 foot Berreta was stored in my garage for 10 years till we took it out this summer.

River Bill says...........Nice looking boat Lloyd.  Glad you decided to get her out of the garage and get her the bottom wet again.  Looks to me that both the boat and the Terminator are enjoying the river.     Welcome back !


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is another entry for the Grafton Ferry~ Picture Contest.  This one was sent in by Robert "Slow Ride" Cope.  It's of the ferry coming out of the cut-through chute between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.....heading towards the ferry landing on the Missouri bank.

River Bill says...........Neat picture Robert....Keep them coming


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is another entry for the Grafton Ferry Picture Contest.  This collage is from the 2004 Con Trios Yacht Club's Full Moon Cruise on the Grafton Ferry...........Sent in by Judy Meinershagen.    

   The Con Trios Yacht Club rents the ferry on a full moon summer night, gets a band, some food, a few drinks and cruises the river until the wee hours of the morning......It's a blast.

River Bill says...........Good set of pictures Judy.

Wood River Levee----- There was an article in Monday's on-line Alton Telegraph about federal support for the Wood River Levee and the work that needs to be done.  The  26 mile levee is in no imminent danger of failing, but key mechanical components need replacing. The levee protects 13,700 acres of land in Alton, East Alton, Wood River, Roxana, South Roxana and Hartford.. Go to the On-Line Telegraph  for the complete story.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of a River Rat Club road sign on the riverbank near Capt'n Jack's.  This pic was sent in by our good friend Robert "Slow Ride" Cope.

River Bill says....Thanks for the picture Robert....And........Keep them coming.

Alton Marina Repairs------ There was an article in Monday's on-line Alton Telegraph about the work going on at the Alton Marina repairing the damage from a storm earlier this year.  Go to the On-Line Telegraph  for the complete story.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of Steve and Linda Thompson of the boat "Shark Bait" on the Grafton Ferry....... Yes, it is their entry into the Grafton Ferry Picture Contest.  Looks like they are heading towards the Missouri side of the river ...You can see the Loading Dock and the bluffs in the background.

Bill says......Good pictures !    

  Still time to send your entry...

  Must apologize.... for I have some older entries I have not posted yet...Should see them this week.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Captain John Armantout.  It's a deer swimming across the Illinois River near Hardin a couple of weeks ago... 

John wrote in his e-mail;

My girlfriend (Jen) and I (John Armantrout) we're heading up to Mel's last Thursday (Nov 4) for lunch when we spotted this 12 point buck swimming across the river. We decided to sneak in close enough for a look and a couple of pictures and then let him finish his journey undisturbed. The Illinois is really wide just below Mel's but he was looking like it was a walk in the park for him. Although the shots are grainy (camera phone) you can still make out the monster buck. What an awesome view.    25 yrs. Boating and this is the first time I have seen this. I know our readers will love to see it!

River Bill says....Wow - what a sighting John..........I have only seen a deer swim across one time in my 37 years of boating on the river.  It was about this time of year in the mid 70's and he started from the back of Dardene Slough, near the high water ferry landing, and went straight across, all the way to the ferry landing ramp right above Kinders.   Like you said it was a walk in the park for him.....An awesome sight.

Locks Bill Stalls ------  According to an article in Saturday's on-line Post Dispatch the legislation for building new locks on the Mississippi River and Illinois River is most likely dead for this year.  The bill has passed in the House but has stalled in the U.S. Senate.    Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

Wood River Levee------ There was an article in Saturday's on-line Alton Telegraph about Federal finanical support for continued work on the ailing Wood River Levee.   Go to the On-Line Telegraph  for the complete story.

RiverBill's Archives ------ I started breaking up and indexing the Archives.  The  file size is smaller so you can retrieve them faster.   There will be some parts missing for a while until I am D-U-N........Done.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is another one of the Fall colors, the bluffs, the blue sky with those puffy white clouds and our river.   This is another great river pic  sent in by Randy Bicknese, of the boat "Lady Di",  


River Bill says......Thanks Randy for the great pictures and keep them coming !

Newest Edition to Greg Lewis's Family ------ Greg Lewis, of Lewis Engines , has a new grandson.......... Connor Thomas Hinkle, born 22 October...6 lbs, 14 ozs.  Baby and mom are doing just fine !  


River Bill says......Congrats to Greg and the whole Lewis family !      


Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Randy Bicknese of the boat "Lady Di".  I am going to name the picture "The Birds"....Actually it's a flock of gulls and a white pelican.     Can you spot him ?

Randy wrote in his e-mail;

We snapped the attached photos yesterday (Sun, Nov.6)  while heading up to Mel's Riverdock Restaurant in Hardin, IL for a Sunday feast.    Mel's is open all year and has great specials on Sunday. The sea gulls really liked the popcorn and chips we had on the trip there. A white pelican even got in on the action for a while. I have never seen a Pelican follow a boat for popcorn. He must have been refueling while waiting for the rest of the flock.


River Bill says......Thanks Randy for the great pictures and the info on Mel's !

Con Trios Yacht Club - Holiday Party ------ Con Trios members....Remember to sign up for the Holiday Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Dec. 3rd.   Stop by the Hospitality room,  visit with your River Friends, enjoy the great food and dance into the night to the sounds of "The Facts of Life Band".   For more info go to the Con Trios website by clicking on their link in the left hand column of this page.   See you there !

FYI ~ Thursday's River Picture of the Day ------ I Forgot to mention that the "ferry launch story" and ferry launch picture album that I posted on Thursday for Captain Daryll Weil is  his entry into the Grafton Ferry picture contest.   . http://www.captainweil.com/bluewaterlaunching/

More Halloween pictures, Sea Ray Cruise Club pictures, Grafton Ferry Contest pictures ....And...Even some 2005 Jamaica Daze pictures ------ are coming.... ....So.....keep that anchor right where it is at....we will have them on-line 


   Bill says......I am running way behind because of computer problems...The last few weeks have been like trying to get back to the harbor..... after breaking 2 blades off of your 3 blade prop.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is from Captain Daryll Weil.  he watched them launch one of the Grafton Ferry Tugs yesterday, the Bluewater"  and documented it for us in pictures.  


Daryll wrote in his e-mail:


The Grafton Ferry tug "Bluewater" is back in the water after extensive rework at Polestar Marina.

Little John from Little John's Marine Service replaced quite a bit of steel plate on the hull, revamped the fuel tanks and quite a bit of other work while it was in drydock.  Having missed the lifting of the 71 ton boat with a 60 ton travellift I had to be there for the relaunching.  Seems the biggest problem is the fact there is a slight grade from the lift's catwalks over the water to the parking lot and they had to help the lift with a truck to get it up the grade.  Going back down the grade the plan was to have Steve in a bulldozer hooked to the tug with a cable so in case it tried to runaway he could drop the bucket and tines and stop the whole thing.  Yeah, I agree, sounded pretty cool to me too!  Of course I have seen Little John do lots of things like this so I wasn't too worried.  Well, other than having to replace a cracked wheel bearing housing on the lift and a small hydraulic leak, everything went amazingly smooth.  There wasn't even any hootin' an' hollerin', didn't hear a single "MF", didn't even have to go to plan B if there was one.  Pete was even smiling when it all worked out.  Beautiful cool day on the river made it even better.  Check out the pics at:


to see some pics of it while the work was being done go to:


Enjoy, Darryll


River Bill says......Thanks for the great pictures and story Daryll


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is from Teresa Dorlac.  She took this great shot of the bluffs sandwiched between the blue sky and the blue river while on a boat trip to Cedar Hill Restaurant last weekend with the Sea Ray Cruise Club.


River Bill says......Thanks Teresa !

More Halloween Pictures ------ I posted pictures from the Con Trios Yacht Club / Sharky's Cove Halloween Party on the Con Trios website.   Click on the "Con Trios Yacht Club" hot-link in the left hand column of this web page...And...Take a LOOK !

Mel's Dinner  ------ Captain Randy Bicknese of the boat "Lady Di"  took a boat ride up the Illinois River to  Mel's last Sunday and is reporting that the restaurant will be "Open All Year".   I have a few of his trip pictures to post later this week....Stay tuned !


Bill says...Thanks for the info Randy.....

                The "Who's Open / Who's Closed" page has been updated .

St. Charles County Restaurant Ratings ------  A couple of the River Restaurants were checked by the St. Charles County inspectors and written up for violations.  The report is in the on-line Post Dispatch.    Go to STLtoday for the all of the info.    


Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is from Mike Kolisch, of the boat "Cool Breeze".........it is another entry in the Grafton Ferry Picture Contest.  Mike snapped this one as the ferry was heading towards the landing on the Grafton side of the river on Oct. 25th.  ......More contest entries tomorrow.


River Bill says......send us your entry...There is plenty of time yet !

More Halloween Pictures ------ Finally got a few more Halloween pictures on-line.  Today's are from Capt'n Jack's.   Take a look !

Adolphus Busch IV and the Great River Habitat Alliance ------  KSDK News Channel 5 ran a report on Sunday about Adolphus Busch IV,  the Great Rivers Habitat Alliance that he formed, his love for the river and his fight against flood plain development.   For more information go to 5ksdk.com.


River Bill says....Stop the levee's and the flood plain development !


Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of Steve Huebner serving-up Mike Vitale some hot, hot stew on Saturday evening at Judy and Gary Meinershagen's Stewfest.  Gary and Judy provided the basic stew and everyone brought their own surprise ingredient and added it to the stew pot......30 gallons of river stew and I will attest that it was Goooooood  ....Dern Good !      

   I had problems with my camera that night and most of my pictures came out blurry, but I managed to get a clear one of Phil checking out the heat index of the bon fire and one of Laura, Bob and Judy smiling for the camera. 

Bill says....Thanks Gary and Judy for another great Stewfest !

River Halloween Pictures:.  Here a few more River Halloween pictures....It's the The Adams Family.........And.........Sh_t People    

  Hope to have the rest of the Halloween pics on-line this week !


Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of Suzie Q  .......a real River Dawg !........ Owner Robert "Slow Ride" Cope.    

Bill says.........Thanks for the picture Robert.


Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of Mike and Sherri Stanczak....... "Enjoying the Last Days Of Summer." ....... And... one of the best places to do that is on a sand bar on the Mississippi River.   You might have also seen these guys flying around above the river in their red & white powered parachute.


Bill says.....Thanks for the picture


Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is another picture of the vry same spot along the bluffs that we had on RiverBill's a couple of days ago.  (Wednesday).  This one was taken by Dave Kelly last Sunday.  Dave is the captain of the cruiser 'Gypsy Rose" out of Woodland Marina. ...The bluffs, the River Road, a sailboat,  the fall colors....you can't beat it.


Dave wrote in his e-mail:



Bill says....Thanks for the  pictures Dave.........And....Keep on boating !

Fall Colors ------  They reported on the Thursday night.... 10PM..Channel 5 News that the fall colors are peaking right now....So get out a enjoy them while you can.


Our River Pictures of the Day ------ I am going to name "Dock Full".  They were taken by Bruce Panus, of Port Arrowhead Marina, while at Cedar Hill Restaurant last Sunday.  The Sea Ray Cruise Club had their  "Cedar Hill Run" and it was also the last day of the season for the restaurant.  Looks like the boats were packed in every available dock space !   There was even a bit of double parking going on.  After everyone got their boats tied up it was time for some  socializing on the patio.


Bill says....Thanks for the  pictures....And ...Anyone interested in joining in on a cruise should contact JD Schmid at 1- 866 - 356- 5872

Who's Open...Who's Closed ------  A  ... "Whos' Open and Who's Closed"... page has been added to RiverBill's .  Click on the hot-link in the left hand column and Check it Out !

On-Line Mark Twain Library-----  Brian of the boat "Called In Sick" sent me a e-mail about an on-line library  that contains Mark Twain books.  Check It Out !


If you interested in the book  "Life On The Mississippi"  ....Click on the link below



Thanks for the info Brian ...And ...I added your links to the River Reading page

St. Pete Beach Trip ------  Captain Darryll Weil and some of the River Crew went to St. Petersburg, Florida to celebrate Connie & Craig's  wedding anniversary.  Go to http://www.captainweil.com/stpete2005/index.htm to take a look at their pictures.


Our River Pictures of the Day ------ were sent by two different boaters  just a few days apart from each other.   Harry Ragland, who had Monday's pic of the day, sent me the top picture and Robert "Slow Ride" Cope sent in the bottom picture. 

    I think that the two pictures really compliment each other because Harry's is a great shot of a large area the river, the fall colors and the bluffs with Principia College on top.......And.......Robert's picture is of the same area, only  a unique close-up shot of one of the rock formations that sort of lines up  with the steeple in the picture. 


Bill says....Thanks for the great pictures....And...keep them coming.

Who's Open...Who's Closed ------  A few bars and restaurants closed or changed their hours this past weekend:

  - Cedar Hill is closed for the season

  - Long Shot Saloon at Portage Des Sioux is closed for the season

  - Kinder's is closed, but may open during the 1st and 2nd weekends in Nov. if the weather is good.   Call first !

The Sand Bar Restaurant is planning to be open on the weekends throug Nov. 

Captain Jacks is planning to remain open 

Sharky's is open

River Levels Charts------  As of 10:30 PM on Tuesday (11-01-05).... the  Corps of Engineers on-line river level data is not being updated.  It has not updated since 11PM on Monday, therefore RiverBill's charts at the top of this page are not being updated.

  An e-mail has been sent alerting them of the problem. .



Little Dixie Highway & River Towns ------  There was an article in Tuesday's on-line Post Dispatch about the Little Dixie Highway (highway 79) and how it has brought prosperity to some small towns along the Mississippi River. (Clarksville & Louisiana, Mo)  The highway starts at Clarksville and runs 30 miles north  to the Pike County line and has been designated a national scenic byway   The US Secretary of Transportation recognizes America's Byways as "treasured roads".  

  Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

St. Louis Flood Wall Improvements  ------  KSDK News Channel 5 reported on Tuesday that  St. Louis Mayor Francois Slay is urging city residents to approve a bond issue for improvements on the flood wall along the Mississippi River..   For more information go to 5ksdk.com.

Life On The Mississippi ...By Mark Twain------ We have to have this book on our reading list !    I am adding it per Dave Barron's recommendation........Dave wrote in his e-mail:

I noticed your new link to recommended river reading and wanted to add my own favorite.   "Life on the Mississippi" ...by Mark Twain.  

  I first read it as a child with my parents, and had to reread it a couple of times in my life.   Tells an interesting story of how things were before the Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers VHF radio, radar and sounders. 


Bills says.......Thanks for the recommendation Brad.  I added the book to our list. 


Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of Gungadin, a Gulf 27 pilothouse that belongs to Harry Ragland.   Harry wrote in his e-mail:

   "She comes out to play when the winds really start to blow. The pilothouse lets her sail long into the fall.  

   When something breaks 30 feet up your mast, you go up in a bossun's chair.  It can be a bit scary, but the view is excellent.  Here you can see many of the sailboats in Sioux Harbor."


Bill says.....Thanks for the pictures Harry.  The colored sail sure plays good with the autumn colors along the bluffs in the picture of Gungadin !   That is a classy looking sailboat.    Send us some more sailing pictures !

Jenna - A River Dawg In Training ------ Capt'n Tony Trice sent us a picture of his River Dawg named Jenna.

In his e-mail Tony wrote:

"Here is a picture of Jenna, our rescued racing Greyhound, trying to be a River Dawg.......She is just in the learning stage and needs her PDF on ! "


River Bill says.......Thanks for the picture Tony ! Keep working with her, she will make a fine River Dawg 

Low Water Advisory For UMR- St. Louis------ The US Coast Guard in conjunction with RIAC and the Army Corps of Engineers has issued a safety advisory about low water conditions for the upper Mississippi River.  See ITCS Memo 2308

Riverside Marina Has pulled Gas Docks Out------ According to a report from Captain Tony Trice Riverside Harbor on the Dardenne Slough at UMR 227 mile marker has pulled their gas docks out of the water.

    Thanks for the info Tony !

Work  on Auxiliary Lock At Lock and Dam 27------ There was an article in Monday's on-line Alton Telegraph about the work that is being done on the  auxiliary lock at Lock and Dam 27 at Granite City.  The work began Oct 12 and is scheduled to take 55 days during which the lock will be closed.  Go to the On-Line Telegraph  for the complete story.


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