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10- 31 -05  

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Roy Jonas and you have to admit this is something that you do not see on the river everyday........

Roy wrote in his e-mail:

Attached are some pictures of my three daughters and a friend practicing some cheerleading on Iowa Island Sunday 10/30/05. This was our last boat outing this year as I winterized that afternoon.


 Bill says........Roy really took some good action shots their routine........up, up and away, with a safe landing.   I love the expressions on the faces of the girls as the one becomes air born and as the catch her.  Good job, girls !

10- 30 -05  

Our 5 River Pictures of the Day ------ are from a few of the River Halloween parties last night.  The first is from the Sand Bar.....Who said they weren't having a party !

Fred and Wilma at Sharkys

Some scary folks at Capt'n Jack's

Some soldiers ( ? )In line waiting for the ferry

A lovely couple at Kinders

  The above are just a few pics from Saturday night on the river.  Keep your anchor right here---because many more pictures from the parties will be posted soon.


10- 29 -05  

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of a small section of a much larger  river landscape  (that stretches for 42 inches ) sent in by Mike Kolisch.   Mike took this river landscape in seven different shots and pieced it together for us.   What a picture.    This is one of the best pictures I have seen of the bluff area.   It just keep gong and going.   

  I am going to keep a small version of it at the top of this page for a while..   It is one of the best river pictures that I have received so far !

RiverBill says....Thanks for the fantastic picture Mike...And....keep them coming !

Luttrell Marine Has A New Featured Boat ------  A 1998 Mariah Z300   Shabah

Check it out !   Click on the Luttrell Ad Link on the right hand side of this page or just Click Here.

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Cedar Hill.....Harley Raffle

Saturday Afternoon

A Few Tickets Still Available


1982 Harley Tour Glide

Chances are $100 each

Drawing on Saturday, October 29

75 Tickets Being Sold


Trivia Night

Saturday October 29

7:00 PM

New Melle Community Club

To benefit Jessica Moore, who suffered a stroke 5 days after giving birth to her 2nd

child.  Jess is the daughter of Brian and Kathy of the boat  "Running With The Big Dogs".

The family needs our help right now......So get your "river-team" together and

contact Kristen at 636-578-3262 to reserve a table.  It will be fun and it will benefit some river folks in their time of need........


Click here for info on Trivia Night and click here for info on the family

10- 28 -05  

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of a river dredge and it's dredging equipment locking through Winfield Dam about 4:50 PM on Thursday afternoon.   Looks like there is a towboat in the back pushing everything down river.

   This picture came off of the Winfield Live-Cam.

Please Check Your Address Book ------ Everyone.... please check the e-mail address you are using to send me stuff.  The correct one is:


  I started to get rid of my old e-mail account and found lots of mail in it that I didn't know about.  I changed e-mail accounts (and e-mail address) back in February or March because I had trouble with the pictures that boaters sent in. The large pictures locked it up.    I put a notice on the website and after a month or so I quit checking the old account...

   Bad idea !  .....There is a lot of e-mail in there that I haven't read or answered....Sorry !... I will start going through it .

   The good news we have a few more river pictures to post......every thing from..... River Dawgs ...to ...Burning boats...and more..

  If I didn't answer your e-mail or post the picture you sent me, it was probably in this old account....So keep your anchor right where it is.....I will get through it all before the river freezes over.



August A,. Bush III And Flood Plain Development ------ Thursday's on-line Post Dispatch had an article about August A. Bush III and his fight against flood plain development, especially the levee that St. Peters is building for the 370 Lakeside Business Park project.........Please take a minute and read it.....Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    


River Bill says....Stop The Levee's....let the flood plains be flood plains ! 

Some .... River Reading  ------ Brad Griesenauer, who is a regular follower of RiverBill's,   sent me an e-mail about a book he just finished reading.   It sounds like a good book for us river boaters that are interested in river history and steamboats, so I  thought I would share it with everyone.  Winter is coming on you might have a bit more time to read a good book. In his e-mail Brad wrote;

   After seeing today's picture of the day, (10-27-05)I thought I would recommend a book I recently finished reading.  The title is ...Come Hell or High Water: A lively History of Steamboating on the Mississippi Rivers..  by Michael Gillespie.  It's a factual read about steamboating in their hayday. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy it.


  Thanks Brad !  Made me think that we needed a River Reading page on RiverBill's, so I started one , with yours being the 1st book recommended for reading.....Check it out in the upper part of the left hand column

Update  .... The Jamaica Daze Band... 2nd Nature ------ What in the heck is the Jamaica Daze band, 2nd Nature doing these days you ask ?   You know the guys that belted out the tunes for us off and on all day and well into the night at the Jamaica Daze Party.  One of the regular bads at the Sand Bar Restaurant.

.... I e-mailed Mark Sweetman, the base player,  to see what's going on these days and thought I would share his reply with everyone:

The band's doing pretty well.  We're booking through Sun Productions right now, and getting quality gigs through them.  We're doing a full gig at the Stratford next Friday (11-4-05).  That's a place in Fenton that books fairly major acts .  For example, Warrant, The Jimmy Van Zant band, and a bunch of national tribute bands are booked (along with us ) in the next few weeks. 

River Bill says ......Thanks for the update Mark !

Where In The Heck Is The  Mississippi Queen at Today ? ------ Rorbert ( Slow Ride ) Cope wrote me the following e-mail on Thursday:

The Mississippi queen is already up in pool 16 this morning.  2 days, 9 locks, and 250 miles, she's making pretty good time. 

If you want to check the location of the Mississippi Queen yourself, go to the Corps of Engineers Navigation Information Connection website, click on "Locate A Vessel"  and then type in "Mississippi Queen".

Thanks for the info Robert !

10- 27 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Mike Kolisch of the boat "Cool Breeze".   Mike wrote in his e-mail:

My wife Joan  and I were cruising along the bluffs below Grafton today (Tuesday, Oct.25) checking out the Fall colors and the Mississippi Queen came by.....  What a sight !

 River Bill says....It is a special thing to see these great boats travel up and down the river ....Like we stepped back into history for a while.  .......

Thanks for the pictures Mike.

10- 26 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is another entry in the Grafton Ferry picture contest.  This one was sent in by Robert "Slow Ride" Cope.  He snapped a shot of the ferry heading towards the Missouri side of the confluence with the changing colors along the bluffs in the background....And ..there are a few motorcycle riders up front enjoying the view.  

10- 25 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of a Golden Sunset taken from the Grafton Ferry by Debbie House, of Affiliated Insurance, while on a motorcycle ride a few weeks ago.  This is the 1st entry in the Grafton Ferry picture contest.... Way to go Debbie !   More coming tomorrow.

Operation Clean Stream ------  There was an article in Monday's on-line Post Dispatch about how Operation Clean Stream volunteers cleaned Boschert Creek, Dardenne Creek and Peruque Creek of liter and trash this past weekend to help preserve their natural habitats.

  .All of these creeks do flow into the Mississippi River....so any trash removed from the creek is trash removed from the river.      Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

10- 24 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of the American Queen Riverboat locking through Winfield Dam about  9:30 on Sunday evening.  According to the on-line itinerary,  the American Queen is heading north on the Mississippi to St. Paul Minnesota on a Fall Foliage Cruise, with stops in Hannibal, Dubuque, La Crosse and  Red Wing.  This picture came off of the Winfield Live-Cam

Note:  There is a good article about the history of the Delta Queen, a sister ship of the American Queen, on the Delta Queen Steamboat website.  Click Here.

Illinois River Mud May Be Used To Plug Southern Wetlands------  There was an article in Sunday's on-line Post Dispatch about how mud from the Illinois River may be shipped to Louisiana for to fill in wetlands damaged by Hurrricane Katrina.  Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    

10- 22 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of the Grafton Ferry as it crosses the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers heading for the ferry landing in Grafton, IL.  I think that most folks would agree that the scenery we have in this area of the river has to be some of the best around. 

  Make sure to send us a picture for the Grafton Ferry Picture Contest !

Grafton Ferry Picture Contest ------ Send me a picture...And... Win 2 round trip passes for the Grafton Ferry.......Monthly winners !

A picture of the ferry heading across the confluence, at the landing, etc.

A picture taken from ferry such as scenery, wildlife, etc

A picture on the ferry of you and your friends, of the captain, other riders, etc.

 Be creative..Be funny...Be original

  The winner of the 1st month's contest will be announced on Nov. 20 and you will see many of the entries right here on RiverBill's. 

10- 21 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of the start of the  changing of the colors on the bluffs that grace our river along the Great River Road between the cities of Grafton and Alton, IL.  

   Captain Robert Cope, of the boat Slow Ride, sent this one in and I think its a really good shot of the bluffs, the river road, the blue sky and the blue water.  Its worth putting in a frame.

Bill says ....Thanks for sharing your picture with us Robert.

Cool Amphibious Boat Car ------ Captain Greg Miller spotted this cool looking amphibious...Hydra Spyder... boat / car.... on the internet and sent me the link to it.   Click here and take a look, it is pretty neat looking !   

   Greg Miller writes that there is an amphibious motor home showcased in the same website.  

10- 20 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Captain Randy Bicknese of the boat "Lady Di".   Randy wrote in his e-mail:

  "The pic was taken last Thursday ( 10-13-2005) while we were skiing in Dardenne SloughThe water was great and there was not many other boats around. If all goes well, we'll be back out there this week.  The girls ( Diane of Lady Di and Susan of Cutty's Ark ) won't give up on ski season which helps keep me out there too."

Bill says ....Thanks for the great picture !

Auxiliary Lock Closed at Dam 27  ------  KSDK News Channel 5 reported on Wednesday  that the auxiliary lock at Dam 27, at Granite City, is closed for repairs.   For more information go to 5ksdk.com.

10- 19 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by  Tony and Carole  Binbeutel of the boat "Change In Latitude".  I am naming this picture  Go Cards !

  Tony wrote in his email:

   Thought we would send you this pic.  Labor Day weekend on Island 521, which we renamed early this summer to:

 No.5...Pujols Island

As you can see with all of the boats, our normally quite island was hoppin !   

GO CARDS !!!!!


Bill says ....Thanks for the picture and lets hope it helps us get that win tonight !

Two Branch Chili  Report ------ There was a good turn out for the 2nd annual Chili Contest at Two Branch Marina last Friday night...... 7 or 8 entries of River Chili and everyone got to taste them all....with voting afterwards.    They were all very good and each one had its own character, right down to the container it was served out of.   

   The grand prize for Best Chili, as voted by the taste testers, went to  Kathy who is pictured here (on the left) along with Ron, Gary and Sue.  

Luttrell Marine  ------ has a new   "Featured Boat"  for sale.......A classic looking  1981 Dyer 29.   Click the Luttrell link on the right hand side of this webpage.......And ......Check It Out !.

10- 18 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ of Tim Holland with his  Catch Of The Day. There is a bit of a story to go along with the picture......

   As it goes...Gary Bowers, his wife Linda and their friends, Tim and Deborah Holland, were taking a boat ride on Sunday afternoon up the Illinois River.   Just below the Pere Marquette Lodge they decided to try and stir-up some of the flying carp that have invaded our area.  Seems as if Gary knows a spot around there where those carp like to hang out.     

   While motoring around on the west side of the river they stirred up some of the carp and they started jumping out of the water, mostly behind the boat.  It was sort of neat to watch but Tim is an adventurous type guy and  decided to do a little fishing.... with a fish net.... Yes ...A Fish Net !   

   He positioned himself near the back of the boat ....And wouldn't you know it, before long Tim landed one...Right out of the air....Or... It might have jumped into the fish net that he was holding !    

  Either way, this sure gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Fly Fishing." 


Bill Says ......Thanks Gary for the pictures and story....And....Tim - Keep On Fishin !

10- 17 -05 

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by our roving reporter, Captain Robert Slow-ride Cope.  Robert wrote in his e-mail;

"These pics were taken at the Dardeene chute side of Isl. 521 on the way home Saturday night.  It seams someone brought a projector TV, and set up the screen right there on the beach.  Now that's livin right. "

Robert also noted in his e-mail that its "Larry The Cable Guy" that these folks are watching on the tube.

Bill says....Once again......Thanks for the neat picture Robert.

More Info On The Downtown St. Louis Riverfront ------  Sunday's on-line Post Dispatch had another article about the the plans being proposed for the downtown St. Louis riverfront.     Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.

St. Louis Levees  ------  There was an article in Sunday's on-line Post Dispatch about how St. Louis is gaining a national reputation for the flood plain development that is going on in our area.  Levees are being built in flood prone areas to turn them into office parks, warehouse, strip malls and the like. Not only on the Mississippi River but on the Missouri River as well......Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    


River Bill says....Stop The Levee's....let the flood plains be flood plains ! 

Captain Jack's has new food menu and 2 night Halloween Party ------ Capt'n Jacks has added 11 new items to their menu .....Click on their hot-link in the right hand column and check it out !   

    They will be having a Halloween party on Fri & Sat, Oct 28 and 29......

    Check RiverBill's  "Upcoming Events"    in the upper left column for info on more River - Halloween Parties.

10- 16 -05     

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of  John and Pat Difatta's Retirement Party  at Park Carl near Heartland Marina yesterday.  These two river boaters are now free from the constraints and grind of a daily job........Free to boat everyday, party late and get up whenever they want !  John and Pat...We all wish you a great retirement......Enjoy !

  There was lots of food and drink, but the main attraction was Steve's Big Pot-O-Chili ....(30 Gallons).  


10- 15 -05     

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Captain Robert Cope of the boat "Slow Ride".  Robert went out for a cruise on Thursday afternoon and took this  picture of the changing leaves along the bluffs.

Bill says.........I have not done a count or anything like that, but I think Robert is one of the top 5 picture submitters on RiverBill's. 

10- 14 -05     

The " Girls of Alton Lake" ----  We have some of the best women in the world boating on Alton Lake and  ... Debbie.... of the... Sand Bar Restaurant.. Fame.. is definitely one of them....Friendly...Outgoing.....And....... Beautiful.    

  Here she is posing for us at the restaurant earlier this year.... looking good......

New Fuel Efficient Pleasure Boat  ------  KSDK News Channel 5 ran a story on Wednesday about a new boat, the Seaway Seafarer, that is designed for increased fuel efficiency and a hull that glides on top of the water with little resistance.    For more information go to 5ksdk.com.

New St. Louis Riverfront  ------  KSDK News Channel 5 ran a story on Tuesday about the four different plans that the Great River Greenway District unveiled  to the public for a new St. Louis Riverfront.  Another public forum will be held in December.   Go to 5ksdk.com for more information.

Port Arrowhead...Sea Ray Cruise Club ------ Has posted some pictures from their Oct 1 & 2 trip to Louisiana, Mo.  Click on their hot link in the left hand column and take a look.

Sea Ray owners interested in joining...contact J. D. Schmid.....636 - 946-5586

Two Branch - 2nd Annual - Chili Cook-off ------ This Friday night (10/14) .  Cooking will probably start between 5:00 and 6:00pm.  All entries must be cooked on the dock....judging will be between 8:00 and 9:00pm.   They have 6 entries already.  For more info e-mail Darlene Skeen at imhoosierdaddy@yahoo.com.

Long Shot Saloon...Changed Halloween Party Date------ Long Shot Saloon at Portage Des Sioux has changed it's Halloween party to Friday night, Oct 28.  

    Check RiverBill's  "Upcoming Events"    in the upper left column for info on all the River - Halloween Parties.

Illinois Watercraft on-line Registration Renewal------ There is a new hot-link in the left hand column of this web page for the  "Illinois Watercraft Registration Renewal"   website where you can renew your Illinois watercraft registration on-line.  Check it out !

10- 13 -05     

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Captain Randy Bicknese of the cruiser Lady Di out of Lake Center.  Randy wrote in his e-mail:

   The attached pictures were taken a couple of weekends ago while a group of us were spending the night on the new section of sand above Iowa .  "Lady Di" and "Chasing Dawn" are out of Lake Center and "Rain or Shine" is out of Two Branch. (taken at sunrise)     Our group, including many others out of Lake Center, not shown in the pictures, has made it out there three weekends straight.  We're all trying to squeeze the most out of what has been one hell of a good season on the river.  Lets hope the nice weather and great water continues throughout the fall and next season.  Don't tell those lake boaters what they are missing. 


Randy also sent us a picture of a river sunset taken from the same spot.


Bill says.... Thanks for the pics Randy....And ...Send us a group picture next time you get together.  


Sand Bar Restaurant Is Open For ALL Cardinal Baseball Games ------  

$1.50 Longnecks Specials

Next Port Arrowhead ... Sea Ray Rendezvous....Sunday Oct 30....... The Port Arrowhead Cruise Club is heading up-river to visit Dave and Carrie Ash at Cedar Hill Resort on Sunday , Oct 30. ....


  For more information check RiverBill's Upcoming Events  in the upper left column of this web page ...or...... call J.D.Schmid at 636-946-5586.

  Check back later today, or tomorrow,  for pictures from the last Port Arrowhead Sea Ray Rendezvous  that took the club to Two Rivers Marina.  (across the river from Louisiana, Mo.)

Con Trios Yacht Club... Halloween Party...Saturday Oct 29....... at Sharky's Cove.    Appetizers, Music by the Sharks, $3000 grand raffle drawing, costume prizes and much, much, more.......

   For more info and a flyer......click on the Con Trios  hot-link in the left hand column of this web page.

Dart Leagues Starting At Capt'n Jack's... Matt, one of the bar tenders of Capt'n Jack's fame, emailed me that they are registering teams and players for a Dart League to start soon.   For more info give them a call at   636 -250- 4520  or ...drop in and see them. 

10- 12 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Captain Robert Cope of the boat Slow Ride.   He caught it all in this one photo.....A white sailboat heading up the blue waters of the Mississippi with the Great River Road in the background ......And......Those chalky white limestone bluffs with a mansion on top. 

Robert wrote in his e-mail:

"Went out with my daughter for a bit of a fall cruise, it looks like the trees are starting to turn.  Headed towards Alton this time and got swarmed by sailboats."

Bill says.... Thanks for the pics Robert....And ...Keep them coming...


Downtown St. Louis Riverfront Improvement Plans ------  According to an article in Tuesday's on-line Post Dispatch,  a team of architects, urban designers, and engineers will present a plan to improve the St. Louis Riverfront.    It includes floating islands, bridges, bike and walking paths and even a swimming pool that converts into an ice rink.   Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.  

  RiverBill says.........You need to take a few minutes and read this one ! 

Old Settlers Days - Kampsville ----  There was an article in Sunday's on-line Alton Telegraph about the Old Settlers Days that was held in Kampsville last weekend. It includes a pretty good description of a historic skit they put on where 3 canoes carrying men, portraying Marquette and Joliet, arrived to meet the Illini Tribe of Indians on the bank of the Illinois River.  Go to the  On-Line Telegraph for the complete story.

Gathering Of The Waters Rendezvous - Cancelled ----  The annual "Gathering of the Water Rendezvous" that was scheduled for next weekend, Oct 15 and 16,  at the  Grafton Riverfront has been cancelled per the "October Events Calendar" in www.greatriverroad.com.  

Dedication of Piasa Park Near Alton  ----  There was an article in last Saturday's on-line Alton Telegraph about the dedication of Piasa Park in Alton.  The Piasa Bird is a legendary man-eating creature that is painted on the white limestone bluffs that skirt the Mississippi River near Alton.  The celebration marked the completion of the 1st phase of transforming the park with completion of things like the a parking lot, restrooms, overlook plaza and more.  Go to the  On-Line Telegraph for the complete story.

  Here is RiverBill's picture taken last April of the work in progress at  Piasa Park

10- 11 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of an 80 ft. Skipperliner sternwheeler, The Watts Bar Belle, being piloted down the Mississippi River by Captain Greg Sadowski and crew on its way to Kingston, Tennessee last Wednesday.  Today's pictures are a group effort.  

   Dave Kelly, of the cruiser Gypsy Rose, took the pic above from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River as she was passing the Arch and one of the vessel as she was passing the Dome and the Eads Bridge.   

  Greg Sadowski sent me a picture of the Watts Bar Belle, taken by his brother Glenn, as was moored at Woodland Marina last Tuesday evening.   Greg wrote the following in his e-mail;

  "We are on our way to Kingston , Tennessee (close to Knoxville).  We stopped in Woodland last night on our way from Wisconsin.  Total distance is about 1400 miles, down the upper Mississippi, up the Ohio and up the Tennessee River.  It will be used for dinner cruises and private charters.   Just leaving Mel Price at 9:00 AM (10-05-05).   Sending this wireless." 


 Bill says....... Thanks...Greg, Dave  and Glenn for the pictures and the story.

Two Branch - 2nd Annual - Chili Cook-off ------ This Friday night (10/14) .  Cooking will probably start between 5:00 and 6:00pm.  All entries must be cooked on the dock....judging will be between 8:00 and 9:00pm.   They have 6 entries already.  For more info e-mail Darlene Skeen at imhoosierdaddy@yahoo.com.

River Dawg...TAZ  ------  She loves to swim and surf on the Mississippi.  Her owners, Steve and Linda Thompson, write;

   "She is a natural on the boogie board.  She bends her legs and rides the waves all the way into the beach, then steps off onto the sand.  She is 9 years old and just loves the River.  She goes crazy whenever I pick up the boating bag."  


  Look for Taz and her owners, Steve and Linda, on Island 521 in a 20 ft Sea Ray named "Shark Bait".   TAZ will be added to the River Dawg Section of RiverBill's in the near future and its not to late to send us a pic of your River Dawg !

Sharky's New Hours ------ Sharky's has new hours posted:  

     -  Open at  4 PM Thursday, Friday and Monday.

     -  Open at 11 AM Saturday and Sunday

10- 10 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Barbara Rhoades out of Two Branch Harbor.    Barbara wrote in her e-mail;

We went to Cedar Hill yesterday (Saturday)  and I took the attached photo

DANG !  What a way to get a new car !  It was found nose down in the water.  The brakes had failed and it rolled down the hill and into the marina around 2 PM on 10-8-05.

Bill says........Thanks for the picture Barbara.......I will bet someone is feeling a bit sick to their stomach.

10- 09 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of the winning Mississippi River Barefoot Endurance Race Team taken Saturday morning on the deck at Sharky's.  The Ski Pro East members are (not all pictured) Tony Buonaivto, Pete Fleck, Bob Case, Jason Lee and John Skobrak.  They Congrats Guys !

  Sharky's parking lot was full of ski boats as you expect for a competition like this, all shined up and looking good

10- 08 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is another one taken by Jeff Smith.  It is shot  looking across the river  towards St. Charles County that he took from atop of a new house that is being built in Calhoun County, IL .  You can sure see a long way .....the church steeple in St. Peters, the tree line along Highway B and  Sue's house right on the river.  This is the river just above Kinder's and just below Two Branch Island around the  UMR 229 mile marker. 


Bill says....Thanks for the pictures Jeff.......Keep them coming !

10- 07 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ I have named this one  First Light.  It was taken by Jeff Smith while waiting in line to cross the Golden Eagle Ferry on his way to work in Calhoun County the other morning.   Jeff is a carpenter and is working on a house on the bluffs behind Two Branch Island over looking the sandbar where Jamaica Daze was held this year.  Jeff wrote that the view from atop the house is amazing.

Bill says....Thanks for the pictures Jeff.......Make sure to send us some more !

Smallpox Island ------  Thursday's on-line Post Dispatch had an interesting article about Smallpox Island.  The island used to be located on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River just north of Highway 67 and up-river from the Clark Bridge near the base of the old lock and dam.   The island is long gone, as part of it is below the water of the river and the rest has blended into the shoreline.   Abe Lincoln almost had a duel on the island and it was used during the civil war as a place to take confederate prisoners with small pox.     Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.    


   The following info was published in RiverBill's last February about the island and the monument.  Thought I would  re-post it because it has a couple of good pictures and some info about the Civil War prison that used to be in Alton.


2-23-05....Our River Picture of the Day ----- is of the Civil War Memorial built to honor the Confederate Soldiers that died of small pox while in the prison camp hospital that was on an island in the Mississippi River during the Civil War. As inscribed on the base of the memorial their remains still rest beneath the regulation pool of the Melvin Price Lock and Dam.     For more information click here.    The memorial is located in the Lincoln Shields Recreation Area across the river from Alton

Eagles Return ------  KSDK News Channel 5 ran a story on Thursday about the eagles returning to the St. Louis area.    For more information go to 5ksdk.com.


   I have been told that one of the best places in this area to watch the eagles is from the deck of the Grafton Ferry as it crosses the river.   So the next time you are on your way to Grafton......make sure to take your camera......check it out.......And  send RiverBill  some pics !

Kayak River Tours Out Of Louisiana, Mo ------  KSDK News Channel 5  ran a story on Thursday about Kayak tours of the Mississippi River out of Louisiana, Mo. They range for a few hours, to a full day and even overnight.   For more information go to 5ksdk.com.

Weekly Fishing Report ------ The Missouri Department Of Conservation has discontinued the weekly Fishing Report until next April....

    Look for it again on RiverBill's at that time.......

10- 06 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is of the Port Arrowhead.. Sea Ray Cruise Club locking through Winfield Dam last Saturday morning on their way to Louisiana, Mo on their  2005 Fall Rendezvous trip.  J.D. Schmid of Port Arrowhead Marina organized this trip and many other get-togethers throughout the year.   Photograph by Larry Sansone, also of Port Arrowhead............

   Keep your anchor rope right where it is.......because there are more pictures and info coming.

Judge Denies Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Levee ------  According to an article in Wednesday's on-line Post Dispatch,  a federal judge denied a temporary restraining order sought by environmental groups to stop the construction of the levee for the Lakeside 370 Business Park.   Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.  

River Dawg...Annie  ------  at Iowa Beach, owned by Don and Barb Acord out of Woodland Marina.  Looks like Annie is ready to go play fetch with her stick !


   Watch for Annie in the River Dawg section of RiverBill's in the near future and its not to late to send us a pic of your River Dawg !

10- 05 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ Is titled Golf Anyone ?    This is a picture of a large piece of wood with the grass and flag painted on it..... and.... a hole at the bottom of the flag for hitting golf balls through !     

    You can find this golf board on the upper end of Dardenne Slough above the power lines.   Someone is setup for hitting golf balls across the slough and through the hole in the board.......Wow ! ........  Just never know what you will see on the river.

56th Annual Missouri Governor's Cup Regatta ----  was held last Saturday and Sunday on the Mississippi River at Portage des Sioux.  Twenty-seven sailboats competed for a years worth of bragging rights the silver bowel.    Go to the  On-Line Telegraph for the complete story.

Con Trios Yacht Club's.... October Newsletter ---- is available on the Con Trios Yacht Club website.  Pick their link in the left hand column of this web page to view it.

10- 04 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ was sent in by Tom and Sandy.    It is a bit of River Humor ...And...... I am going to name it........That Subliminal Message 


Tom wrote the following  in his e-mail;

  "As Dan looks around for a place for lunch.....I think the girls (Sue and Sandy)   have an Idea on their minds !"


Bill says.............Good one Tom !    

10- 03 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of the  Mississippi Queen   between locks 10 and 11 on the upper Mississippi River.  Captain Greg Sadowski, out of Woodland Marina,  took this picture last Friday just after sunset on one of his many trips up and down the river.

  Bill says...... What a magnificent vessel.  I consider myself lucky each and every every time I see it navigating the river we boat on .......Thanks for picture Greg ! 

New "H Dock" at Alton Marina ----  According to a article in last Thursday's on-line Alton Telegraph, the City council accepted bids from 3 contractors for building a new "H Dock" at the Alton Marina that will contain 30+  slips for transient boaters.        Go to the  On-Line Telegraph for the complete story.

10- 02 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of  (from left to right)   Jeanne, Kirk, Judy, Jeanne and Gary at Kinder's on Friday night.   Kirk and Jeanne (3rd from left) live in Chattanooga, Tennessee now and are in St. Louis for the weekend.  One of the first things they did when the got into town is go for a boat ride to Kinder's with Gary and Judy.   When they lived in St. Louis years ago they were avid river boaters so it as to feel good to be on the river again.   Hope you both enjoyed your time here.

  River Bill says.......Welcome back to St. Louis and welcome back to the river !

Judge Hears Case Against Lakeside 370 Levee ------  According to an article in Friday's on-line Post Dispatch,  a U.S. District Judge listened to the arguments, pro and con, about the construction of the levee for the Lakeside 370 Business Park.   The judge said he would decide quickly whether to grant  the injunction sought by the environmental groups.   Go to STLtoday to for the complete story.  

Timber Ridge Condo's  ------  has their own website now.  It is another of the ".net" sites.   Go to   www.timberridgecondos.net   or as always just click on their AD button on the right hand side of this web page. 

10- 01 -05   

Our River Picture of the Day ------ is of  Tom and Lou's clubhouse on the upper end of Dardenne Slough.  It is a really neat place ...all decorated in river stuff.    

   This picture was taken by Mike & Sherri Stanczak, who can be seen flying around above the river in the black and red powered parachute.


Bill says ....Thanks for the picture Mike and Sherri........And thanks to Tom and Lou for letting me put a pic of their clubhouse on RiverBill's.


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